Storms Farm Anaerobic Digester

The Storms Farm Hog Power Anaerobic Digester, NC’s first swine waste-to-energy system comprised of a DVO, Inc.- patented Two-Stage Mixed Plug Flow™ anaerobic digester paired with a 600kW engine-generator set provided by Martin Machinery, Inc. and Gentec LLC. The Storms Hog Power anaerobic digester and renewable energy generating system produces renewable electricity for the Four County EMC power grid. The digester, in tandem with an enhanced
animal waste extraction and collection system, significantly reduces the potential negative environmental impacts of the
current pond and spray field manure management system, while profitably generating renewable energy and other valuable byproducts.

Manure is collected from nearly 30,000 hogs each day and is mixed with other agricultural waste and biologically decomposed in an oxygen-free, 1.2 million gallon reinforced concrete vessel. The bacteria in the digester breaks down the waste streams, generates an energy- rich biogas and destroys nearly all of the pathogens and odor. The biogas is combusted in an engine/generator, sending enough renewable electricity onto the utility grid to offset the consumption of nearly 300 average-size area homes. Revenue from the sale of this renewable electricity and other valuable
by products supports the sustained operation and maintenance of the facility.

Working in close concert with Mr. Storms, the project team developed an economical and sustainable retrofit to the hog houses for removal and storage of manure. These enhancements made system, which is commercially available, more affordable and easier to operate and maintain than the conventional flush systems, while dramatically improving barn air quality.