We are a family of builders, creating solutions that enable our partners to succeed, our communities to thrive and our employees to grow. A values based organization. Our vision is simple – to be the best place to build a meaningful career as our company continues to develop a highly engaged, high performing workforce while maintaining our core values. Our values – commitment, family, integrity, learning and development and diversity – define who we are.

When you join the Barnhill team, we treat you like family. We offer a competitive benefits package including leadership training, service recognition, wellness program, corporate chaplain, employee assistance program, medical and prescription insurance, short-term disability, long-term disability, life insurance, 401k and profit sharing, paid vacation, workers compensation, family and medical leave and unemployment insurance.

As a construction services provider, we are truly in a “people business” and when you are hired we make an investment in your future and ours. We promise to invest in your learning, training and development:

  • To increase performance and productivity – better-trained professionals deliver more and better work. With the fast-paced environments in which we work, success truly rests on our team members’ ability to solve increasingly complex problems.
  •  To attract and retain the most talented professionals – it is our responsibility to ensure that your professional development continues after you join the Barnhill team.
  •  To strengthen a culture of collaboration – through training programs and cooperative learning opportunities employees are able to learn from one another and mentor other team members.
  •  To better serve our clients – when our team members are consistently challenging themselves and developing innovative approaches to problem-solving, it helps build long, profitable relationships