Research & Development Center

The Research & Development Center is home to more than 250 design engineers and support staff who design, develop, build, test and improve various prototype machines. The Research & Development Center includes a 56,510 square foot office building and 17,800 square foot warehouse and research center. The two-story office building includes four system labs, meeting room and office space. Incorporating a collaborative design approach, the building features “connected” office areas and is organized into a “main street” design that promotes both collaboration and functionality.

The warehouse and research center area includes ten test and demonstration areas and seven operation areas to test product reliability and durability.

The Research & Development Center was awarded LEED Silver certification by the US Green Building Council. Incorporating sustainable design principles was central to the design and construction process. The building was carefully placed on the hill to balance cut/fill on the site and to provide for optimum solar orientation. Along with daylighting, high efficiency mechanical systems, under-floor air delivery methods, low-flow water fixtures, and native landscaping reduce the consumption of valuable resources. Storm water from the building is directed toward a collection pond where it is reused, eliminating the use of underground wells for most of the year.