NC Department of Insurance Headquarters

Originally constructed in 1970 to house state government functions, the 192,000 SF revitalized Albemarle Building now features a new entry, contemporary lobby, integrated workspaces, better pedestrian experience, and bears little resemblance to its former self. The Department of Insurance now calls the Albemarle Building headquarters.

Renovations included extensive demolition to the 12-story structure with asbestos abatement. The building, now modernized, resembles a private-sector office that contains access to sunlight in nearly each area. Video conferencing systems, vacant restaurant/retail space and hearing rooms to serve the public are located on the lower two floors. Major safety upgrades included sprinkler system, hazardous materials abatement, fire stopping between floors, and a new fire alarm system. Other upgrades such as energy efficient windows, cleaning and re-caulking of exterior cladding, new finishes, ADA compliant restrooms, new data and phone wiring, and energy efficient mechanical systems all served to ready the building for a new generation of use. Due to the secure nature of the Department of Insurance, key pass security systems have replaced a guard at each entrance.