Mission Critical Data Center

This 150,000 square foot, state-of-the-art Enterprise Mission Critical Data Center is a single-story, Tier III+ facility. The center included two, 20,000 square feet, column-free data halls, supporting mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure. The facility also contains 28,000 square feet of office with support space for staff. Scope of work included Level IV and Level V Commissioning for the facility. The building is equipped with self defense safeguards to protect itself from inclement weather. In order for the building to recognize when to implement those protective measures, a meteorological sensor system was installed. The sensor system is essentially an independent weather station mounted to the building that is capable of sensing weather conditions such as wind speed, rain, ice, humidity and rapid changes to allow the system to communicate a programmed threat assessment to the building management systems. It is capable of shutting down cooling towers, lowering safety shutters and starting emergency generators to prepare the building for weather conditions like tornadoes, hurricane winds, ice and nearby fire.

Features also include:

  • Hardened facility designed for 165 MPH wind speeds (EF3 Tornado) above code seismic design forces, and risks from climatic change
  • 4 MW of critical power capacity
  • Four, 2.2 MW generators and combined 8.8 MW of energy
  • 3N/2 UPS topology with combined 7.5 MW of power
  • Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH) has the capacity to move 761,600 CFM of air
  • Control systems will have more than 20,000 discrete control points
  • Two miles of on-site fencing
  • 13,926 CY of precast and cast-in-place concrete
  • 314 tons of HVAC piping
  • 86 tons of HVAC sheet metal
  • 60,000 gallons of chilled water
  • 180 miles of copper wire and 60 miles of conduit
  • Redundant systems compartmentalized by fire-rated construction

The facility and site can also accommodate future expansion consisting of 100,000 total square feet, 40,000 square feet of additional white space and 4 MW of additional critical power capacity.

  • The site and building are designed to incorporate sustainable strategies:
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems
  • Waterside economizer for free cooling
  • White Roof
  • On-site meteorological control station