BlueCross BlueShield of NC Headquarters

The BlueCross BlueShield Headquarters “CSC2” is a five-story building, including a six-level parking deck and measuring 101,000 square feet. The facility is designed to use 65% less energy and half the water per square foot than the company’s traditional office space. Up to 20% of the materials used in construction were recycled including material for masonry, countertops, interior finishes as well as parking area. The facility was designed with water and energy-saving features throughout including: efficient light fixtures and use of natural light, water and energy-conserving heating and air conditioning systems, use of captured rainwater for toilets and air conditioning, drought-resistant plants and landscaping.

The building was awarded LEED Gold certification from the US Green Building Council. Sustainable features include low-flow plumbing fixtures save more than one million gallons of water each year – enough to supply ten families with water for a year. In addition, three 25,000-gallon cisterns, located under the parking deck, catch rainwater.

CSC2 is a “smart building” with motion sensors detecting the presence of employees, turning on lights and HVAC systems. After a period of inactivity, lights and HVAC systems turn off, preventing unnecessary energy use.