Civic Federal Credit Union

The reinvigorated space at 3600 Wake Forest Road presents a compelling headquarters – a dynamic, modern building for a forward-thinking, technology-driven bank of the future. Situated on five acres and measuring 100,000 square feet, the building was once headquarters to Wake County Public Schools but sat vacant for four years before being purchased in 2014. The newly repositioned building reflects a banking culture of transparency, longevity and enterprising use of technology. The design concept of “projecting” forward is carried through strong architectural elements creating distinct zones for both private and public operations. These zones are housed in two areas organized off the internal “Main Street” of the facility, both horizontally and vertically, creating synergies of diverse activity.

The project is designed to LEED Gold® specifications and represents the workplace of the future – a facility that is both energy efficient and a healthy, inspiring place to work. With a fully-integrated transit shelter, employees will be able to access the workplace through public transportation, eliminating the need for expansive surface parking. Rather, the facility features an integrated parking garage which reduces the need for surface parking and provides space for an outdoor courtyard. The outdoor courtyard, which seamlessly brings together the building space, landscape and hardscape, serves multiple purposes, including space for employee lunches, a zone for private calls and an outdoor venue for informal meetings and large catered events.