Apex Friendship Middle School

This project for Wake County Public School system consisted of new construction of Apex Friendship Middle School. The facility was constructed on approximately 27 acres. Barnhill was responsible for managing on-site and off-site construction consisting of grading, storm drainage, utilities, site improvements, paving, landscaping, and fencing.  The new school accommodates approximately 1,450 students, and is 234,000 SF.  The three-story middle school is located directly beside Apex Friendship High School, so site logistics, planning and safety measure were top priority especially during operating school hours. The facility contains shallow CIP concrete foundations, structural steel and is a load-bearing masonry structure. The building envelope primarily consists of brick veneer on CMU masonry backup with 2-1/2” insulation and Mod bit roofing over lightweight insulation concrete system.  Typical building interiors include CMU partitions, GWB partitions and assemblies, acoustical ceilings, PLAM casework, painting, flooring, and building specialties.